Living Environment

VS management team is committed to provide all employees with a good working condition and living environment to improve the well being of all employees. We want our employees to live happily, works diligently, learn abundantly and have fun.

The residential dormitory with a floor area of 130,000m2 is currently home to about 4000 employees and it has a maximum capacity to accommodate up to 10,000 employees. The employees’ dormitory comes with full facilities including a complete shopping complex filled with a supermarket, restaurant, reading room, internet services and barbershop. In addition there is a general employee’s activity hall, a training center and multi-purpose hall and several basket ball courts readily available for employees activities at all times.

The company residential environment and atmosphere is an admiration to many companies in Zhuhai. The employees living conditions and environment with good housekeeping, maintenance and security are periodically reviewed by the management team for continuous improvement.