ISO14000 Has Been Implemented Strictly in the Assembly Division

Post Time:2005-02-25
[Report from our staff] The Assembly Division has implemented ISO14001 (1996 version) strictly and established documentation and procedure management systems as required, which are widely appreciated by the customers.

It is reported that the Assembly Division has started the control over the contents of Cadmium and Lead in the plastic early in May of 2002. At present, the division has carried out green production in whole workshop and conducts control over environment management substance. As a result, the division has been approved as green cooperation partner successively by SONY, CANON and other major customers.

The quality requirement to the manufacturing process of the division is so strict that all controls over determining of acceptance or rejection of incoming materials, processes and end product inspections are based on Class A international standard, i.e. the incoming materials and end products shall be subject to higher than 30% sampling inspection, all in-process materials shall receive 100% inspection. As a result, it is guaranteed that all products will be delivered as excellent products in both appearance and functioning aspects. Also, by use of ICP test, XRF test and other test methods, contents of Cadmium and Lead in plastic and rubber components will be limited to ICP < 5PPM, XRF < 50PPM; ICP < 1000PPM, XRF < 200PPM respectively.