Excited Youth、Inspiring Race

Post Time:2012-11-17

To enrich our staff cultural and sports activities, provide them with better leisure time activities and offer opportunities for all our staff to show their ball skills and keep a health body so as to better devoted to working with full energy. In July 2012 our human resource department began to plan and organize intracompany   2012“Wei Sheng Cup” Professional Basketball League.

Early in July each department began to build a basketball team, in the middle of  July HR department invited each team leader and referee talked over the competition rules and decided to adopt round-robin method for the game. Each team signed up after the final team member confirmation. There are five group: VSI Charm Team, VSA Dream Team, VST Tercel Team, VST Flame Team, Admis Wind Team, in the mean while, company provided every team member with polo shirt.

After several fierce competition in round-robin, on 14-Oct VST Flame Team and Admis Wind Team reached the finals with sweep record.

At 19:10pm on 21-Oct, a fair day, “The Race of Championship, Peak Confrontation’ was held on our residential dormitory basketball court. At the beginning of first half, VST Flame Team launched an mighty attack to Admis Wind team, successfully broke through the Admis Wind Team’s defence and scored successively.

On the court, both team exerted all their energies to strive for the ball, dribble, shoot, which drew a round of applause. At the end of first half, VST Flame Team temporarily outscored Admis Wind Team with 15 versus 11.

At the first half, Admis Wind Team did not set the pace properly and caused score falling behind. But they did not loose heart, at the second half they fought with all their might on the field, cheerleading team whistling resounding on the ringside. Not only did they surpass the score, but also strengthened their confidence.

At the beginning of the second half Admis Wind Team reinforced attack and defense, launching attack by virtue of height advantage. VST Flame Team foul continually at the strong attack of Admis Wind Team, as a consequence, two leading player foul out. Match was under way, scores came close to each other, both party strived for every shoot. Occasionally people fell down in the ring, but they were not influenced, at the same time ,they patted on the back and encourage each other and went on. 

At last, Adims Wind Team win the championship trophy of “Wei Sheng Cup” Professional Basketball League, VST Flame Team are second only to champion and VSI Charm win the third place.

Through the whole game VS staff present the spirit of  “friendship first, competes second” and “group first, individual second”. Every team member fully exhibit their ball skills and themselves, which reflect the VS group spirit-To be number one and one family.

Let’s all expect next pageant’s coming.

                                            All the players photo

                               champion elegant demeanor