Our company passed the ISO14000 Environmental Management System Certification

Post Time:2005-03-31

VS Technology Industry Park (Zhuhai) Co., Ltd. in the joint efforts of all my colleagues at the March 31, 2005 passed the international certification company SGS certification!

Certification company SGS, respectively, in March 18, 2005 ~ 19 and March 30 to 31 make a preliminary examination of our company and the formal review, after a period of four days and the Live View system audit, SGS certification company three auditors Mr. Zhao Lianqing, Mr. Zhu Huasheng, Mr. Feng into a high Division I ISO14000 environmental management system implementation and operation to make highly effective, and can continue to improve our confidence in the follow-up.

Our environmental policy: to comply with environmental laws and regulations, prevent pollution, reduce waste, conserve resources and continuous improvement; environmental goals: to reduce resource consumption, reduce energy consumption, improve process efficiency / effectiveness, waste reduction, increased recycling rate.

Since October 2004 since the implementation of ISO14000, the environmental policy to implement in the whole company around the development of environmental policy environmental objectives, indicators, environmental management programs through the implementation of a series of gradually realized. ISO14001 standard focuses on the organization's activities, products and services the negative impact on the environment, and how the organization through the management guidelines to reduce as much as possible through raw materials, energy, manpower and other resources consumption and waste gas, waste water, waste and other emissions.

Looking at before and after the implementation of ISO14000, the company has made achievements in environmental management, we should be obvious to all. In the past, some employees did not promptly after the tap water, tighten the lead to long-running water; some employees to random row Dumping oily wastewater, and now still see a piece of grass is a dark bare the aftermath of the oil before the fly-tips . Now, employees have received training ISO14000 environmental knowledge, is aware of the protection of the environment, prevent environmental pollution, the importance of consciously to comply with environmental requirements.

Our paper consumption of electricity ﹑ have been varying degrees of control, the corresponding reduction in the company's resources, Energy consumption.