Improve Overall Staff Quality, Strengthen First-Level Management Training

Post Time:2004-12-01

From December 3, the internal training program on management improvement organized by Human Resources Department will be delivered to the supervisors, shift leaders and team leaders of Production Department from 6:30pm to 8:30pm every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. This program was designed to further improve the job skills of the managerial staff and overall management of the Company for better performance and efficiency.

The trainees’ job skills in various respects and the Company’s actual conditions were taken into account in the preparation of the training materials to provide guidance about addressing problems at work. The program will be delivered with PowerPoint slides and combine speculative knowledge, case study and interactive learning so that the trainees can easily understand and accept the relevant content and objectives.

Our management highly values employee training and has listed on-the-job training as an important agenda. Today, enterprises have to face more and more intense competition as a result of comprehensive application of information technology and global economic integration. Employee training is of greater significance in the wake of accelerated knowledge update and technological development, as well as flourishing changes in ideas and concepts. The selection, cultivation, use and retention of human talents have become a crucial part of the strategic management of enterprises. The cultivation of all employees is one of our important management targets so that we can place the right person to the right position and make the best possible use of our employees.