V.S. Maturating

Post Time:2004-12-01
Adhering to the tenet of United, Practical and Innovative, V.S. reports and publicizes V.S.’s strategies, policies and concepts of enterprise development. V.S. is dedicated to communication between V.S. and staff members, first-level employees and friends interested in the electronic plastic industry. It will widely collect information of new technologies, new models, new experience and other economic and technical information the Company may need. It will also advocate and comment on V.S.’s advanced manufacturing technologies and management practices, as well as the work ethics and sentimentality of employees.

Thanks to the diligence, courage and teamwork of our Directors and employees for years, V.S.’s business is flourishing. V.S. will in a timely manner voice V.S. people’s aspirations, analyze V.S. enterprise management, focus on the hotspots of V.S. enterprise development, disseminate V.S. corporate culture, promote V.S. brands, exhibit V.S. corporate spirit, enhance V.S. corporate identity and review the course of growth of V.S. in intense market competition. V.S. will endeavor to provide from a brand new viewpoint an effective information platform for V.S.’s participation in market competition.

Each issue of V.S. from now on will make a bridge of internal and external communication. It will record major events inside and outside the Company, the learning in enterprise management and feelings of employees in their life, as well as the details about V.S. evolution in the new era of electronic plastic industry. At the same time, it will describe V.S. people’s longing for a bright future.

V.S. will not adopt either luxurious style or shallow format. It will be the concentration of the courage and determination V.S. people demonstrate in a market of ruthless competition.