V.S. passed ISO14000 Phase 1 External Audit

Post Time:2005-01-06
BSI started ISO14000 Environment Management System Phase 1 External Audit of the Company on January 6, 2005. Our General Manager Mr. Lui Chong Huat and Deputy General Manager Mr. Nakagawa attended the external audit meeting. With the support of the leadership, the common efforts of all departments and the cooperation of all employees, the Company underwent 2-day close examination and successfully passed the Phase 1 External Audit on January 7.

In the wake of the increasing concern about maintenance and improvement of environment quality and protection of human health, organizations of any size are paying more and more attention to the potential impact of their activities, products or services over the environment. The environmental performance of an organization is of more and more significance for both internal and external related parties.

V.S. Technology Industry Park (Zhuhai) Co., Ltd. initiated the vigorous introduction of ISO14000 into the Company in July 2004. The common efforts of all our colleagues have enabled the implementation and operations of ISO14000 Environment Management System in the Company.

The external auditors made positive comments on our environment-related efforts when they examined the relevant issues. Results of serial tests showed that our ISO14000 system operation was substantially on track. At the same time, the external auditors pointed out in details what needed to be improved in the associated departments, providing a good foundation for our Phase 2 External Audit.

In January 8, ISO Management Representative and Document Control Center organized a meeting of department managers and supervisors to analyze and address the external audit findings. The departments were requested to analyze and review the nonconformities in their own area and take active steps for improvement, and carry out a thorough self-check with cross reference to findings in other departments to resolve potential problems in order to meet the Phase 2 External Audit coming up on February 1, 2005.

Some people may think that, as a well-known public company and a rare outstanding manufacturer, V.S. Technology Industry Park (Zhuhai) Co., Ltd. would not need to worry about orders even if it operated without ISO14000 implementation. Then why did we spend big amounts of money, manpower and resources on it? These people do not have a good knowledge of ISO14000. They do not know what ISO14000 is, what human beings need and how ISO14000 benefits a company. We share here with you the knowledge about ISO14000 to help you understand why V.S. Technology Industry Park (Zhuhai) Co., Ltd. made so many efforts for ISO14000 implementation.

What is ISO14000?
Why did the Company implement ISO14000? How will ISO14000 benefit the Company?
1. Reduce waste and cost
ISO14001 encourages enterprises to prevent and control pollution throughout the product lifecycle and gain both environmental benefits and economic returns by source reduction and clean operation.
2. Control environmental risks, reduce chance of incompliance
Systematic risk control mechanism is established by identification of environmental factors in emergencies, environmental impact and risk assessment, operation control, staff training, information exchange and emergency preparation and response.
3. Establish a positive corporate image
A company that cares about environment impresses customers with strong sense of responsibility. It is a new selling point and a powerful competitive weapon for the company.